(Day #4) State Of Bliss.

When was the last time you were in such a state of flow, that you were lost in the bliss of what you were doing? The last time I was in such a state of flow was the other day. I was traveling by train and had to be somewhere on time. As soon as I... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Through my window I see it all, The way the city moves into midnight, Car's and taxi's and buses, Pacing towards their destination. Through my window I see, Street lights blinking into the grim sky, Apartments lit grid by grid, This cement jungle doesn't seem to  sleep. Through my window, Somewhere above I hear a... Continue Reading →

I Hate to Love…

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love ...is  a crappy novel. This one was difficult. After racking my brain for what seemed like 10 minutes all I could come up with was -- a crappy novel or TV. But since TV ain't all that bad, novels the winner. Yay! read sarcasm. What exactly is a 'crappy novel'... Continue Reading →

How to be an awesome procrastinator.

Things you need: You will need:a lot of productive time, insane attitude, a deadline,creativity. There are few things in life that you could be very good at , which in reality doesn't matter one bit. One of those things is being a pro at Procrastination.(hah I bring the pro in procrastination :D) . The first thing you... Continue Reading →

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