Monochrome Till Eyes Can See

It's getting colder on this side. The winter palette is here and it's all grey! ___________ ©flyingonemptythoughts  

On The Right Track

Ever feel like all these tracks in your life, Run parallel? Like everything that you love and seek, Is besides you, you can see it surely But the fates won't allow you to meet? And you ultimately wonder, 'Am I on the right track? Do I even bother accelerating my speed?' Camera: One Plus 5T... Continue Reading →

The Varied Hues Of Sunsets 

There is something so beautifully haunting about sunsets. The sky catches fire and with it comes these beautiful spectrum of shades. What the camera captures will always lack the brilliance of witnessing it live. The still photos lie, they are morose.  But seeing that sunset with your own eyes, just as it dips below the... Continue Reading →

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