Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Through my window I see it all, The way the city moves into midnight, Car's and taxi's and buses, Pacing towards their destination. Through my window I see, Street lights blinking into the grim sky, Apartments lit grid by grid, This cement jungle doesn't seem to  sleep. Through my window, Somewhere above I hear a... Continue Reading →

I Hate to Love…

Daily Prompt: Hate to Love ...is  a crappy novel. This one was difficult. After racking my brain for what seemed like 10 minutes all I could come up with was -- a crappy novel or TV. But since TV ain't all that bad, novels the winner. Yay! read sarcasm. What exactly is a 'crappy novel'... Continue Reading →

Conversations with an insomniac brain.

How is it that when you have to wake up at certain time the next day, you are hit with a bad case of insomnia?Have the alarm all set for morning,have plans for next day and there goes insomnia,buzzing around.The brain's thinking,more alert and annoying than probably the whole day. And its not really insomnia is it, it's just your annoying mind following some different time zone completely. This is how the whole scenario goes: ME: Ah ,I'll sleep now. Brain: I'm so awake. ME: Shut up. Brain:No ME: *sigh*                                                                                    ... Continue Reading →

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