You’re the unappreciated intern for a famous group of Superheroes. Your power? You can boil water… – A Prompt

Your power? You can boil water. All you do is make tea for them while they laugh and drink in their hideout. Little do they know ...

Never Ending Ticking

The sunlight heated up his skin, an easy warm blanket. The clock ticked its way into the night. He didn’t have to see it to tell the time. The sound of its movement was enough to count hours. That steady mechanic hum matched what went inside his head, the soundtrack to his still madness. The... Continue Reading →

Ready To Fly

Before the earth ceases to exist Before the humanity reaches Its grubby paws on ya Spread those wings And fly away. ©flyingonemptythoughts        Liked this? Click here for a Random Post.  Thanks for reading and keep smiling!

Bad Days Parade

Bad days flocked to him. He was their fodder. They followed him or rather paraded his life. If he could spread his arms now, he could fly. He heard mirth climbing the walls. Celebratory banter emanating from people on the street and the ones he could see through every window. The rooftop was a great vantage point.... Continue Reading →

Dune by the Dark

He closed his eyes, and he saw exactly what he saw when they could see. Black. He wondered if this was what void felt like. Black air pressing against you. It was getting colder. Something was happening, something he was clueless about. Cold and the desert felt sharp against his skin. It had been a... Continue Reading →

Hell Of A Friend

Weekly Writing Challenge: Playing With Space. he's come for yoU floating in disguise,a frienD all warm and presenT he's swept you off your feeT off the face of the eartH into fires of helL now there ain't no paiN comfort in dazE in numbnesS -- closed iN and kept awaY ©  ©flyingonemptythoughts You’d also like…... Continue Reading →

The Dark Side Of A Love Song. It's not 14th yet. 13's better than 14th. Like nonsense is better than sense sometimes.The sappy and corny behaviour is yet to begin and this song in a way is a perfect song for what's ahead. It's not the usual cheesy song playing on radio or malls or restaurants. I think it's a perfect... Continue Reading →

What The Hell Is With You?

What the hell is with you? Look I am tired of this Was is it something I did No more of waiting No more,nope Time's a wastin' Flowing like a goddamn river Guzzling,eroding years with it All this regret and mistakes settling -- A Silt Feel the boundless restlessness This itch ,just to let out... Continue Reading →

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