Stranger In A Strange Land

I don't have any positives to say today. But then I never did, This kind of a solitude, isn't something I was looking for, not something I need. At times like these, words can become your friend or your worst enemy because there is so much of it! I wish I didn't have so much... Continue Reading →

Apparently I write.

Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections. So the mighty WordPress has asked a question and we must answer it! I  honestly don't know why I am answering in plural, I swear am sane(sadly enough). And the question is "how did we start  this whole journey of reading and writing" .Nostalgia et all eh? Frankly my love for reading... Continue Reading →

Subconscious Imitation/Flattery

Daily Prompt: Imitation/Flattery. This prompt reminds me of a site I stumbled upon ages ago. It's called  I Write Like. I  remember just goofing around with this site all those years ago...which gave me an idea :instead of writing a new post consciously imitating an author ,why not test out my writing style using some... Continue Reading →

The Clichéd Undead.

Daily Prompt: Never.Tell us about a thing you’ll never write about.Photographers, artists, poets: show us FORBIDDEN. Honestly there are days when I write a lot of crap but the one thing I would never never never ever write is anything about Vampires(shape shifter,werewolf). It's not like I really have to stop myself from writing that... Continue Reading →

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