In response to The Daily Post's writing prompt: "Handwritten." My response for prompt - "Bacteria", I swear it's this prompt app! Get ready for more silliness : Note: This legibility was achieved after 10 tries. The scribble is bad enough that I had to go through multiple edits to make  it  pretty . *big sigh*.... Continue Reading →

Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon. - A. A. Milne (Winnie-The-Pooh) Fresh one in the "balloon series". You'd also like: Rise Up  Grungy Art Cover By other bloggers: Stephen Chapman Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh growth can be a thrilling thing Re-Fresh: Who Doesn’t Like A Story About Beer? A mom's blog Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh thoughts and... Continue Reading →

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Shadowed." Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow - Helen Keller     Prompt response by other cool bloggers: Broken Light: A Photography Collective Hidden in Shadows Ese' s Voice Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed Half a photograph Beauty in simple things... Continue Reading →

Camera: Nikon D3200 When I look at the bird perched up high, it seems calm, peaceful --  looking at the sky above.  As if dreaming of heights to fly. That serenity is something to wish for. *sigh* In response  to WordPress Weekly photo challenge : Serenity     Prompt response by these cool bloggers: From... Continue Reading →

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge : Yellow. For some reason,  I find such electric lines or telephone poles really fun to capture.They are so dynamic 😛 A re-edit of this original. Looks pretty dramatic. Looks like this should  be enough yellow for the week. 🙂 PS: Speaking of yellow this is one crazy book... Continue Reading →

Photo Challenge: Cover Art Challenge, stimulate your creative process and imagine which of your images you would like to see gracing the cover of a book, an album, or a magazine. This would be something that I would like gracing a cover of an album. This picture was inspired and totally unplanned.  After viewing the... Continue Reading →

Oil meet Water

 Prompt: Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you? What makes it possible for you to get along? This was easy! The person who is most unlike me  is one my good friends, N.  We are poles apart ,there I said it and I think she would agree!... Continue Reading →

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