Will I ever be back home?

Woke up feeling all wrong,

Something was missing,

I needed home.

Today I worry, will I ever be back home?

To my people, to the love only home can provide

Is this the end?

Of me?

The cycle seems never ending,

Pain, adversity, loneliness,

All clubbing in to make a potent formula of weary.

I wish I could say I was being overindulgent or dramatic,

The world seems too chaotic and overpowering today,

And me too small and too angry to bear it

Was this all a mistake?

Is this the biggest regret?

Today, I don’t see the water, or the horizon.

It feels too far, too much of a mirage,

When I am taking on the world,

All by myself.

The loved ones I care about, a thousand miles away.

The so called “partners-in-crime” have left me behind,

They have their own world to look after,

I’m not part of it anymore

Can I complain?!

My world which was once bright seems a bit bleak right now,

Unlike other times, I don’t really have hopeful affirmations to complete this

Is this how it was all supposed to be?

Will this ever end?

Will I ever be back home, again?

Photo by Dark Indigo from Pexels

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