I am now seriously implementing my ‘Instagram Strategy’ or as I call it – ‘InstaExperiment’

If you’ve been on my Instagram (you should, it’s great, I share memes *smh*), you would notice there is a trickle of images, some wry caption if my brain can process it.

Mostly, there has been a clear lack of strategy. Is that a bad thing? Not at all. It has definitely been a learning curve of how the platform has grown. It is fascinating.

I’ve obsessed about the numbers game and I am not sure I am completely over it. However, I am in the ‘serious testing’ phase now, I’ve christened it – InstaExperiment.

I started the Instagram account mainly as a supplement for this blog. Somewhere down the line, it became the main platform for me – because Instagram is built for the lazy. Initially, I had no plans to be part of the whole Insta-trend. I posted when I felt like, what I felt like, there was no strategy in place.

It has been a training ground for me to improve my photography. If you’ve visited the feed, you’d notice its primarily street photography. Instagram has definitely improved my eye for aesthetics and I can positively say I have a defined vision when I am looking to capture something. Noticing and learning from others has been a great part of it. Somewhere down the line, I have learned to have my take on things and how I prefer to present it.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried to build an audience there and create some engagement but I’ve mostly kept it as a hobby or a personal project and my lack of efforts sure do support that claim.

Somewhere last year I did try to make the feed more consistent with once or twice a week posting. I tested some timing that worked for me but again I was not ‘really’ putting in the work. There is also the problem of having an audience from two different countries and finding the right time to reach both at the best time.

Instead of falling into the ‘increase the follower’ trap what I’ve decided to do is take this personal project as a serious project and make it a challenge. I have decided to consider it as ‘work’. Maybe even a portfolio of sorts *winks*

Content creation has never been my problem because I tend to click a lot of pictures. I just needed to make sense of it. While I don’t have major goals like monetizing it (I am laughing as I type this), I am interested in how this experiment will turn out to be.

Here’s what my new ‘strategy’ looks like – 

  • Let go of ad-hoc posting and stick to the schedule. I am using Later app for this.
  • Keep the theme/ look of feed consistent
  • Keep the feed strictly for photography
  • Engage more with similar users through comments
  • Reshare brilliant work of others that I admire through stories

Since I have some strategy in place, here’s what you can expect.

  • Regular posts – 3 a week
  • Better captions
  • Consistent content

My tools :

Camera: One Plus 5T

Editing Apps: Snapseed, VSCO

Scheduling Platform: Later

What I need from you: feedback.

I am trying out this thing, it’ll be interesting to see the metrics and try to hack this thing. I find it exciting. I am still playing with the time and the hashtags, however, you can expect a post to be out on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at 9 pm ET.

See you there! If you’ve read this post, leave your Instagram handle here. I’d love to see what you guys have been up to and learn from you.


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