Sick of Bloodshed 

I held back and almost didn’t post this. But this article inspired me to.

I am sick of it.

Pissed! FURIOUS of

Gushing blood

Wailing,  tears and devastation

They knew,  the ones who protect the state

Did no better

They knew

Who the monsters were

Today Nice

Before Dhaka,Brussels, Paris, Turkey, India and other distraught places.

What are the governments across world doing.  What is the security and intelligence  service doing?!

Press conference  for “solidarity” by various foreign  dignitaries

What use is that


Why not take action , join allies and abolish the monsters that kill the innocence and the innocent,  and spread fear and grief world over.

Why wait for procedures and political escape

All chatter when all we need is action,  peace and time to heal

From the wounds that would never  be forgotten.

Souls lost too soon,

What  should we civilians do.

Other than “be STRONG”

Or put up with it.

The news goes on next three days,  new headline,  a career made.
The tweets,  change in pictures,  digital display  of compassion

What good is that
Stoking our egos for a moment in time, deluding ourselves into feign “support

When all of us are just helpless
And no place seems safe.

I won’t  put up tweets, change the display pictures,  all that is such  a waste. Aren’t you sick,  there are too many of them?

Forget compassion,  support,  we need to get angry

We need our respective  goverments to stop with useless speeches and make a plan

A solid one

So we won’t  be bombarded  with any more of such horrific,  heart breaking news again.


Also in collaboration with Poets For Peace at Forgotten Meadows.  

If you are into poetry,  it would be great if you too join in.Words for peace. ✌



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5 Comments Add yours

  1. Something to consider. Governments/ rulers need a perceived ‘enemy’ in order to demonstrate how they protect us and how ‘concerned’ they are about things other than money. How many despots have, at some point, been sponsored by foreign governments?

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  2. Prajakta says:

    It is something that makes you question everything around you, doesn’t it? You want to shake the people and knock some sense into them. Or put them to sleep for a hundred years while you continue the way it should be!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yep! Knocking sense is tough. Its sad that educated ones too are a part of this. Feels like we live in a sick world.


  3. kundars says:

    YESS!! We all need to get angry on the so called governments & politicians for not acting in time, though they have advance information about such likely attacks, through thier own intelligence wings.
    Finally it’s a mockery of so called human rights as innocent humans are the most affected ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agree. Thanks for dropping by.


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