Chronic Escapist

Is there ever The Great Divide between choice of  fiction and non-fiction ?
                                               Oh why yes!                                                           Image rights:Julie Greller

It’s fiction, hands and feet down! The escapism in me makes that choice time and again. If at all it’s non fiction  I like reading satire ,humor or hilarious social commentary which also eventually serves the purpose of escapism in a way. In short  I like spacing out while reading, and fiction helps with that fantastically.

It could be fatal spacing out in between reading something  non-fictional like medical self-help!

Reading a good fiction takes you places, a cheap break from reality. *whispers* It’s mind travel!



And then this ought to happen …


It’s all fun.

Though reading any book these days is a luxury. I blame everything but me.

Advice again? Wow.


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8 thoughts on “Chronic Escapist

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    1. Hehe yeah, that was funny.
      Yep distraction, distraction. All that multi tasking with technology has rotted our brains to do any simple things such as reading.😪


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