Apparently I write.

Writing Challenge: Writerly Reflections.

So the mighty WordPress has asked a question and we must answer it! I  honestly don’t know why I am answering in plural, I swear am sane(sadly enough). And the question is “how did we start  this whole journey of reading and writing” .Nostalgia et all eh?

Frankly my love for reading began with hating it, detesting it or whatever you want to call it.  I always thought of  books as  boring (my thought process were along the lines — wasn’t it enough I had to look at them in school!) Of course that opinion changed a long time ago.

So if I hated or rather abhorred reading, how did I really get into it, you ask? Ever heard curiosity kills the cat phrase? Yeah well it didn’t kill me. Yet. You see my Mom –whose an avid reader —  always had some or the other novel lying around the house. And one such day it was lying  in the right place at the right time to pique my curiosity .Oh and am I curious! I decided to peek in ,my sole intention was to read just a page and discover for myself why someone would want to read when it felt like the most  boring and drab thing to do! Boy, was I wrong! Of course a page turned to two and three and 10 and went till the end.Now that I recall I think  I finished that  book(could have been Deception Point) in a day or two. And that started a whole different thing altogether — reading , keeping awake and reading, procrastinating and reading, reading while having dinner and other such variations. However I never really knew how it transitioned to writing. As far as I can remember, as a kid , writing greeting cards were all the writing I ever did. The whole journey of writing  began fairly late I think ,some years ago when I was messing around and figuring out how to express myself , writing diaries, etc. Somewhere along the way I started emulating other writers or read the rule book trying to understand or learn the craft AND making an utter mess, writing nonsense  — nothing that I am proud of. So I tossed the rules aside started writing the only way I knew, which was whatever and however it came to my mind. Somewhere along the way I guess I started finding my voice (and it was not happy! I can’t write a happy thing, no clue why that is so and I don’t bother psychoanalyzing myself these days). And that was that —  my journey of writing, making mistakes and all the other things that usually follow.

Why do I write? Most times it’s just so I don’t go crazy! Writing brings me  clarity, with all the chaos around it helps me bring things into perspective. I  feel this hobby of mine empowers me, it gives me the liberty to make up my world, write it my way and at times just a means to my escapism. It gives me something to hold on to, something that is purely mine.While I don’t write everyday or as seriously as the other amazing bloggers , I try and make up in my own way. I write usually on an  whenever I find/make time basis or when an inspiration is  lurking in the corners of my brain which eventually is out on a page or on this blog.

I can surely say that the journey so far has been good! What I would really hope for now is some great ideas and inspiration and probably some sleep. 😉



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