Subconscious Imitation/Flattery

Daily Prompt: Imitation/Flattery.

This prompt reminds me of a site I stumbled upon ages ago. It’s called  I Write Like.

I  remember just goofing around with this site all those years ago…which gave me an idea :instead of writing a new post consciously imitating an author ,why not test out my writing style using some of my older posts.

The whole logic being that I write like some author on a subconscious level,without even trying to imitate or knowing.Power of subconscious and all that.

And Voilà!

When I tested out this poem I wrote, the result was : I write like Ursula K. Le Guin

And for another post I got : Dan Brown

So basically by now am thinking wow that’s cool , wonder if it’s a fluke .I analyze it again with this short story prompt ,the result was Chuck Palahniuk. Here’s the proof. To which my reaction was?

Wooo hooo Yeah!

All of those!

All in all this prompt has been fun .Hmm..might even rewrite the prompt with some serious(imitation) effort next time.

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