Shaking All Over

Daily Prompt: Practice Makes Perfect?. Tell us about a talent you’d love to have… but don’t.

      Talent of public speaking! Why? Because I am so very bad at it. People usually speak of this amazing out-of-body experience, guess what you wouldn’t want that when you’re giving a speech.When you can’t even hear your own voice cause you are so light-headed. For me the whole experience is like a mutant taking possession of me and blabbering(aka verbal diarrhea ) and just being  horrible about it. What a nightmare!

For all those reasons I envy people with good public speaking skills and I admire them.It’s great to see people talking in such a carefree manner at the same time engaging their audience.Who cares if they are not as charming off stage or limelight . That is one talent I would LOVE to have. Or rather NEED to have . Statistically it is estimated that 74% of all people suffer from Glossophobia. No wonder.


24768878Wish there was a talent trade off, I’d do away with my awesome procrastination abilities for this. 😉

15 thoughts on “Shaking All Over

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  1. If you want to get over this fear, i can recommend doing a safety training course to a load of bricklayers who have been in the pub, and do not want to be at work/training on a Friday afternoon when it’s usually job and knock. A very steep learning curve indeed.


  2. I can appreciate your post! Years ago, my father joined Toastmasters, a group of businessmen whose sole purpose for meeting was to practice public speaking in front of one another… I have never forgotten that.

    If I ever have a job that requires speaking in front of groups, I’ll be signing up for Toastmasters too.


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