(Day #5) What’s your favorite section in the bookstore?.

Bookstore (Photo credit: ImaginaryGirl)

The bookstore is an amazing place. Every time I walk in one, I feel like a kid in a candy store. These myriad of shelves after shelves  enticing you for a purchase,of anything or everything. There’s just something a about a bookstore, it doesn’t matter if its the biggest or just a second hand one around the street corner. Personally I like old books because I think they have some character,but that’s just me.

Every time I’m in a bookstore, the first section I head off to is Fiction.That’s it ,then the browsing for the authors begin. Though these days am mostly looking for dark humor or thrillers. The next section generally is  the movies section and music (if they exist). The trend with me now is that I’ve been hoarding books for future reads and I never get down to it. It’s a shame with all these great books lined up . Think it’s about time for that!

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