Day #2 :What topic or subject are you the go-to person for?

It’s Research.Online Research. 😉

So after mulling about the question and eliminating options, I’ve decided I am good at research. It helps that am curious and stubborn enough to google everything and nothing. Considering the obsession to know things, I have some practice. And it sure has helped in some college projects that I have had to do. Usually it so happens that some information that  is required  is hard to get and I have helped to come up with information, when others could not. In short I was the go-to person for research.

And honestly I think it’s fun(read google nerd 😉 ) — the more difficult the search ,the better the challenge. Plus the rush after the find is great –not anything compared to skydiving  but it will do.


What's in that mind of yours?!

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