Mad and me? Noooope

What if you were a mad scientist? Do you want to create a monster like Frankenstein? Would you be bent on destroying the world or taking it over?

Mad has so many definitions. These days it is much more of a compliment.

Assuming mad here is a genius, I would take advantage of that sudden inheritance of brilliance.  I would learn something which I thought was too difficult earlier. I’d probably create a great contraption (instead of a monster like Frankenstein,and destroying the world– how original ..meh )  get it patented and earn millions.  That contraption could be a mind reader, yeah I’d make it my personal goal to put psychics out of business. Or I could question scientific theories by these dudes Einstein,Newton.

I think if I were a mad scientist I would like to surprise people with my resourcefulness and my awesome brains. Why waste your brain cells scheming when you can use it to make your life awesome. You never know it could be a 24 hour deal 😉

 “Some people never go crazy.What truly horrible lives they must lead.” — Charles Bukowski.

And if i ever do come back to normal state of mind, I’d probably write a memoir (ahem I mean, have someone ghost write it ) — apparently that’s what famous people do when they become redundant— since my so called reputation would be dying. The book would probably be called ” The day I went mad” tentatively, subject to change of course.

**I really think Joker could really be the  true blue mad scientist to this prompt. Since this prompt was being silliness personified , I hope I achieved half of it 😉
The Joker, after emerging from the canal of ch...
The Joker,  Batman: The Killing Joke. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8 Comments Add yours

  1. iamfunny2 says:

    Like your take on the Mad Scientist. Thanks for participatimg in the challenge


  2. MissFourEyes says:

    I would try to turn myself into a superhero! Or make a suit like Iron Man’s. Always wanted one of those.


    1. Sammy says:

      Why not be your own superhero, not like someone ,you know. You certainly have a persona for that. 🙂 How’s about whatever you write becomes real eh? Pretty cool huh?


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