A Murder Of Crows.

A Murder of Crows

Crows congregate to celebrate the rains or so it seems.They sure do look too busy to care about a thing.

A Fleeting moment captured while on a drive.

Camera used: Iphone5.

In response to Weekly Photo Challenge.

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11 thoughts on “A Murder Of Crows.

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  1. Your picture struck me! I have been writing a lot about crows lately (in my head). They are such icons. I cannot decide if I am having a love or hate relationship with them. I like their strength, their perseverance, even their arrogance. But they can dominate our ‘hood at times – moving in their raucous murder overhead. Their ire can seem so personal. A songbird sings to the world – when a crow cries out crossly, you just know it is about you. Your crows seem quite polite and ruly, however. Not a bit like ours.


    1. Polite and ruly?! You won’t say that when they swoop above your head and as if to attack you,happened a couple of times..Oh they crow,they kinda look creepy,sound a little creepy. But these ones were funny sitting in a line ,tames ones I suppose. I don’t like these scavengers at all though. Kinda appropriate collective name for them hehe.


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