The Zombie List.

Daily Prompt: The Satisfaction of a List. Reasons why Zombie’s are cool:

  • They are not vampires or werewolf.. A bloody good reason at that.

    Deformables Zombie
    Deformables Zombie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  • They can never be corny or cheesy.Or sappy.
  • They are dead(sort of),hence the drama factor is zero.
  • They kick-ass. Ask anyone!

6 thoughts on “The Zombie List.

Add yours

  1. *sobs* that can’t possibly happen! See that’s a horror scene right there,seriously.Hope twilight’s the end of twilight crap. *fingers crossed*, thanks for reading! 🙂


  2. Agreed!
    I fear that someday someone will realize the zombie romance potential and Twilight the hell out of them. What if these kick ass zombies end up corny, cheesy, and sappy? I’m scared!


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