History’s Best Insulters


Kudos to this awesomely snarky,cynical and mostly hilarious post.One of the good ones.

Fish Of Gold

There are tons of lists out there on the rest of the internet of “best insults.” Lots of people have said some pretty great one-liners. As they say, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn from time to time. This list is not about one-off comments though; I’m talking about people who consistently came up with amazingly brutal and often funny quips at the expense of others. This is my list, not of the best insults, but of the best consistent authors and deliverers of them. It’s sort of in ascending order, but I had such a difficult time picking my favorites that I didn’t number them.

Mae West


“He’s the kind of man who picks his friends – to pieces.”

“She’s the kind of woman who climbed the ladder of success – wrong by wrong.”

“His mother should have thrown him away and kept the stork.”

“The finest woman that ever…

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