The Fire

The fire caught on with me. • At first I didn't pay any heed It was far away For me to even care. • I tried ignoring the flames As they burned every solid thing down It spread, I did not expect this I walked on Instead. • The fire was on my steps It... Continue Reading →

It will keep you float

It’s been rough couple of months — almost a year. Trying to stay sane. Trying to say all that without sounding sorry for myself (that's not the intention). But through the dark times I am learning two things – love & friendship — it will carry you through those rough patches. It’s not going to... Continue Reading →

Santa’s Having an Existential Crisis Kids and It’s Looking Pretty Unchristmassy

A satire Kids, let me tell ya. It is not fun being a Santa freakin' Claus. I have my reasons. Sure, you think, 'well this guy works one day a year, what's his goddamn problem'. I have a ton, a bunch of them I can list. I am old.I am branded with a red and... Continue Reading →

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